C.A.C. Elegant


Introducing Elegant, Most Economical, Fully-Glazed Dinnerware

C.A.C. China is proud to offer Elegant collection, the most economical, fully-glazed dinnerware available in the industry. This collection has been developed to meet the highest standard of elegancy, practicability and durability.

Featuring simple, classic design and contemporary fine bone white color, Elegant products can be endlessly mixed and matched and will create a combination of value and a high-end look. Elegant collection has beautifully glazed foot, English foot or standard foot, ideal for fine dining and catering.

Double fired at a high temperature and fully vitrified, Elegant products are porcelain, high alumina and exceptionally resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. Selected Elegant items have bead edge that greatly enhances durability and lessens the chance of chipping.